Het najaarsprgramma staat online

Het najaarsprogramma  van Quintessence  en samenwerkende leraren staat online. Lessen onder de leiding van Ellen Schoemaker op: Maandag avond in Baarn, Dinsdag avond IJsselstein, Woensdag avond Nieuwegein, Donderdag morgen IJsselstein, Donderdag avond Harmelen. Onder leiding van Astrid Engel op vrijdag morgen 55+ lessen bij de Oase IJsselstein Onder leiding  Van Linda Rennes Woensdag avond Dalem en donderdag morgen Gorinchem Zie de agenda

Pinkster Workshop

  Just to be sure that you have the right information a  last minute update (As sent before) Beginning:  07th June, 19:00- 22:00, 08th June 1000 – 1700, 09th June 10:00:1700, 10th  June 9:00-16:00 Location:    All days    OBS Voordorp,  Che  Guevarrastraat 15, 3573 BK, Utrecht Please keep in touch by mail We will go out for diner at least one day. All welcome to join After the arrival of Axel tomorrow information will follow

Pinkster workshop

Tai Ji, Utrecht (Netherlands), 07-10 June 2019 with Axel Dreyer und Ellen Schoemaker (long time students of Patrick Kelly with between than 33 – 40 years Taiji experience each). 4 days of intensive training following the training system of Patrick Kelly and Huang Xingxian with Taiji people from throughout Europe; Let’s come together and share our knowledge and experience. A good opportunity to get some new impulses for one’s own training. All students of Huang Xingxian andPatrick Kelly and their students are welcome as long as they are familiar with the form and the basic pushing hands patterns.   Program:Loosening-exercises, short and long form, Pushing hands,12 free pushing moves meditation  Begin:  07thJune, 19:00- 22:00, 08thJune 13:00-18:30, 09thJune 10:00:1700, 10th  June 9:00-16:00 Fee: a) 190,00 Euro b) Participants who visited P. Kelly’s Euro seminars more than ten years prior to 2012 we just ask for a contribution towards costs = 48,- Eure c) participants with less than 10 years prior to 2012 we charge 95,- Euro