Pentecost Skype Workshop 2020

Thanks to all participants of our Skype workshop. All were regular participants of the Quintessence Workshops. The next workhshop is from 18-26 July in Utrecht. Due to covid  regulations the workshop will be  held outside. Shelter is case of rain is available. See workshops. In de maand juni gaan alle skype trainingen door. In Nieuwgein is er van 19:15 – 20:30 een training in het park. Voor details mail via het contact formulier.

Boeken van Patrick Kelly online bestellen

In Nederland zijn de de volgende boeken van Patrick Kelly nog op voorraad: Infinite Dao en Spiritual reality. Deze zijn te bestellen via het contact formulier. De boeken van Patrick Kelly zijn online beschikbaar. Zie:      Infinite DaoUnendliches Dao无极 · 道worldwidewayTao InfiniSpiritual RealityTao InfinitoRelax; DeepMind English, Chinese, French, German or Italian. For FREE Shipping worldwide Order Direct WeChat:ninecloudsstudio or Pay by Paypal, WechatPay, Alipay, BankTransfer

Pinkster Workshop

  Just to be sure that you have the right information a  last minute update (As sent before) Beginning:  07th June, 19:00- 22:00, 08th June 1000 – 1700, 09th June 10:00:1700, 10th  June 9:00-16:00 Location:    All days    OBS Voordorp,  Che  Guevarrastraat 15, 3573 BK, Utrecht Please keep in touch by mail We will go out for diner at least one day. All welcome to join After the arrival of Axel tomorrow information will follow