“To all who consider visiting 9clouds shanghai: My system is changing a little, you might have noticed my Shanghai dates removed from the website sometime back. My aim in China is to give something of what I have learned, back to China. This is through organising and supervising 9cloudsstudio, for the benefit of the local people, but not necessarily teaching in it myself. If people wish to come from overseas to train at 9clouds, they are welcome, but it is preferable when visitors are spread evenly throughout the year, so as not to overwhelm the local students and instructors. Please avoid the busy periods of apr-may and oct-nov if possible. My own dates are uncertain, I will be coming and going unpredictably. There are daily Taiji classes, 11 per week in total. I am often there and may add a little to the classes, but do not teach them. I do teach some extra meditation sessions from time to time. Thanks, Patrick”